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Cancer Recurrence – Garlic Can Help

I recently attended a Breast Cancer Summit and learned about a doctor, David Wilkinson. His patients continually asked him how they could change their diet to keep cancer from recurring. He was asked so often, he decided to begin researching the topic. He determined that one of the foods that can help is garlic; however, there is a specific way it should be prepared.  The good news… it’s really easy.

Garlic Can Help Prevent Cancer Recurrence

Garlic is well known for its wide-range of benefits, like reducing our chance of catching the common cold and preventing dementia. But did you know there is a ton of evidence that it fights cancer, too? However, if not used properly, its power is largely lost.

Garlic is part of the allium family along with onions, shallots and leeks, which all have some anti-cancer properties.  It contains alliin and also an enzyme called alliinase. Normally these two compounds, alliin and alliinase are separated from one another within the cells of the garlic plant, but when the clove is cut or crushed, the alliinase enzyme is released and comes into contact with the alliin, resulting in a reaction which converts the alliin to diallyl di-sulfide, or DADS for short.

So, what’s the secret to using garlic for anti-cancer benefits?  Easy-peasy:  wait at least 10 minutes after chopping or crushing the garlic before cooking. Once you know this, you will get into the habit of reaching for the garlic before anything else. Chop it or crush it, and by the time you’ve prepared a few other ingredients, the 10 minutes is up. Then cook as normal.

How much garlic is beneficial? Even 1 or 2 cloves a week can make a difference, but 1 a day is even better. And remember, chop or crush 10 minutes before cooking to get the real benefit.  You can find out more about Dr. Wilkinson and his book here.

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