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Cataract Surgery

Last February, (2016), during a routine eye exam I was told I had a cataract starting in my left eye. The doctor said, “Nothing to worry about.  It will be years before you will need to do anything about it like cataract surgery”.

About October, I started having difficulty seeing. So much so, that my contacts weren’t helping anymore. I started wearing my glasses more and more and they weren’t helping all that much either.

This past February, (2017) I went back for my annual check up and sure enough, just as I had expected, the cataract was much more significant and should come out.

I was referred to an eye specialist, Tylock George Lasik Center in Irving. I wasn’t crazy about driving that far, but my mother-in-law and dear friend, Jolene, lives out that way so I spent the night with her and she took me to the first appointment.

After learning all about cataract surgery and the options of lens choices, the part that perplexed me the most was actually selecting the lens. I mean, this is my vision. It’s for the rest of my life. It’s not like I can change my mind once it’s done.

A few friends who have been through the process gave me their advice and, of course, I got the doctors advice. However, I never really had a good feeling about the decision I was about to make.

Ultimately, I chose the Tecnis lens. It’s a multi focal lens that should allow me to see distance and close up. The only negative I heard about the lens is that is can sometimes cause halos and create a problem with night driving.

Taking Care of Each Other

As many of you know, my sweet little Bentley had to have his toe removed and is healing from that.  This is a picture of us resting and healing together.

I had the surgery approximately 30 hours ago.  Just got back from my initial follow-up and the doc is pleased. Not only did he remove the cataract, but he repaired my astigmatism. I can see 20/20 out of that eye!

I offer my experience hoping that it might take some of the fear away if you are contemplating cataract surgery:

  • The wait in the waiting room was the worst part
  • A Valium calmed and relaxed me
  • It took 3 tries to start the IV but by the third try, I’ didn’t really care
  • I remember getting on the operating table, having my arms and head secured with tape
  • The next thing I remember is being with Denis and getting in the truck to come home
  • I spent the rest of the day in bed and resting while the drugs wore off (with little Bentley at my side)
  • Today I woke up with pain in my eye that got better as I moved my eye and learned the pain was perfectly normal
  • I’m putting drops in my eye 3 times a day and wear a shield at night so I don’t accidentally rub my eye
  • All of it has been minuscule when compared to how well I can see!

Yep, I’m ready to do it all again in a few weeks on my right eye.

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