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What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage-MLD?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very specialized manual technique that closely mimics the body’s natural rhythms. The goal of MLD is to stimulate the lymphatic system and to move stagnated fluid into working lymph nodes and vessels. The light touch and rhythmic movements of MLD stretches the skin and associated anchoring filaments to increase the… Continue Reading

Most Common Questions I Receive

Regular Massage? How often should I get a massage?  — two of the most common questions I receive. The answer depends on many factors, and differs from person to person.  Let’s take a look at things to consider when determining a regular massage schedule for your individual needs. 1. Why are you seeking massage? 2.… Continue Reading

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Morocco

Mary (not her real name), a breast cancer patient, called requesting manual lymphatic drainage. She’s from Morocco.  My geography has never been great and I don’t even know where Morocco is. Or, I didn’t until I looked it up… it’s on the northwest corner of Africa. She just completed chemotherapy at a local hospital. She… Continue Reading

Oncology Massage-Feel Better During Cancer Treatment

You CAN Feel Better During Cancer Treatment and We’ll Show You How Oncology Massage for cancer patients is quickly gaining support in the oncology community for its documented benefits. Clinical research shows oncology massage can help you cope with some cancer treatment side effects such as: Emotional Benefits of Oncology Massage Decreased anxiety and depression… Continue Reading

Top 5 Questions About Oncology Massage

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with cancer or have a history of cancer?  Oncology massage is a great way to support the body during cancer treatment by allowing it to deeply rest and heal. Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions: 1.   What’s the difference between regular massage and oncology… Continue Reading

Migraine Miracle Fall Special

From Susan: I consider myself very fortunate to have never had a migraine headache. However, the past week I have been dealing with a sinus headache and pressure. My dear friend and colleague, Glo, introduced me to a new massage treatment called Migraine Miracle several weeks ago. The treatment includes the placement of cold stones… Continue Reading

9 Easy Ways to Be Kind to Humankind

August 25-31 has been dubbed Be Kind to Humankind Week. We decided to make a list of 9 out-of-the-norm (and some normal) ways to reach out and be kind to your fellow humans. Offer help. Randomly offer to help someone with a task. Rake their yard. Hoist their kayak onto their car. If you see… Continue Reading

How We Help You Stay Regular – Massage Packages

It is our belief here at Progressive Massage Therapy, that regular massage will benefit everyone.  We consider it much more than a luxury or “pampering”. We believe regular massage is: an investment in your health a vital part of self-care part of a Wellness Routine, much like exercise and eating veggies From the experts: Mayo… Continue Reading

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