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5 Tips to Boost Post-Op Healing at Home

We all search for ways to speed our healing and want to get back to our daily activities as soon as possible following minor or major surgery.

Here are 5 things you can do at home to make your recovery as speedy as possible.

  1. REST – give your body permission to rest. As you plan for your procedure, be sure to schedule time for rest; it’s essential for healing.  Rest = Healing

This is a major reason why gentle massage is recommended for those healing from surgery and chronic illness.

The benefits of massage are many. Allowing the body to rest deeply as during a massage, speeds healing.

GET MOVING – this seems a little counterproductive to number one above, however it’s equally important. Moderation is the key.  Move your body during the healing process in moderation.

Light exercise like walking is important for circulation of blood and lymph.  Movement will encourage your lymphatic system to work more efficiently which reduces swelling, which will help with pain. When your lymphatic system is working optimally, your immune system is working more efficiently.

Walking can also help prevent other complications such as deep vein thrombosis or pneumonia. A short walk every hour or two will help decrease the risk for these complications.

  1. STAY HYDRATED – water is essential. About 60% of your body is water. The only element more important is oxygen. Every part of your body, from your skin to your brain, relies on good hydration to function. In addition, proper hydration helps with constipation which is a common side effect of pain meds.

Try this simple formula to keep your body properly hydrated:

Take your weight in pounds, divide by 2. That is the number of ounces of water to drink every 24 hours.

Example: let’s say you weigh 150 pounds. 150/2=75.  You should strive to drink 75 ounces of water every day.

  1. NOURISH WITH FOOD – It’s important to eat a healthy diet that promotes healing. Certain foods may help with fatigue and aid in the body’s recovery process. Try these:

Protein – Protein is essential to wound healing, so try to get plenty of foods like peanut butter, chicken and eggs.

Vitamin C – Some research shows that Vitamin C can help with healing. Eat your oranges or tangerines.

Fiber and probiotics – This combination helps boost the immune system and keeps your digestive tract in shape. Eating yogurt with granola is one easy way to get a serving of both.

  1. SUNSHINE – our society has scared us so much we don’t want to be in the sunshine anymore! However, 15-20 minutes of sunshine every day helps us get Vitamin D which is essential for strong bones. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside or near a sunny window. Sunshine can also help elevate our mood.

Do you have specific things that you do to help your body heal? I would love to hear about them. Please get in touch here, or connect on Facebook.

Susan Gee, LMT

Progressive Massage Therapy


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