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6 Tips to Prepare for a MLD Treatment

It’s always good to be prepared, right? If you’re like me, you’ve done your research on what a Manual Lympahtic Drainage treatment is, what benefits you can expect, will it hurt, how much will it cost, etc.  All of those are great questions for which you should have an answer prior to your first MLD treatment.

However, today, let’s look at some tips for preparing for a MLD treatment. Here are the top 6 things you should know:

  1.  Is your therapist trained? Be sure to seek a trained and experienced manual lymphatic drainage therapist. Visit with your potential therapist and ask about training, experience and referrals.  They will be happy to provide all of this information.
  2. Be ready for some relaxation. A MLD treatment involves gentle, rhythmic strokes that creates deep relaxation. Don’t be surprised or embarrassed if you nod off.
  3. Don’t eat a large meal prior to your treatment. The deep abdominal lymphatic vessels are accessed during a traditional MLD treatment. A large meal may be uncomfortable. A light snack is very appropriate.
  4. Don’t apply lotion or oil. MLD requires a gentle skin-stretching motion to be effective. MLD treatments are done with no lotion or oil, allowing the skin to stretch. Please don’t apply oil or lotion before your treatment.

    Lymph Nodes in head and neck
    Lymph Nodes in head and neck
  5. Empty your bladder right before your treatment begins. The goal of a MLD treatment is to encourage the lymphatic system to work more efficiently and move stagnated fluid. This process will cause fluid to find it’s way to your bladder. It’s good to empty it prior to the start of your treatment. It is likely that you will need to empty it again following your treatment.
  6. Be ready to do a little homework. Your therapist will likely instruct you to do some simple exercise, such as walking. The lymphatic system relies on muscle contraction to work. Keep those muscles moving – your lymphatic system will thank you.

Six simple steps you should take before a MLD treatment.

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