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We Provide Massage Therapy for:

  • Cancer Patients and those with Complex Medical Histories
  • Breast Cancer Patients
  • Hospice/End-of-Life
  • Those with lymphedema or are at risk
  • Pre and Post Surgery MLD

We are devoted to those with cancer, cancer histories, chronic illness, end of life and those looking for Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

  • Are you walking through a cancer-journey and dealing with symptoms of treatment or disease?
  • Are you seeking Cancer Massage?
  • Are you struggling to lift your arms enough to brush your hair following breast cancer treatment?
  • Do have chronic illness like fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, nerve damage, or Parkinsons?
  • Do you suffer from lymphedema or are at risk?
  • Are you seeking relief from pain and swelling from surgery?
  • Are you seeking comfort for a loved one in hospice care?

We know how to reduce illness-related symptoms while being mindful of treatment side-effects, special circumstances such as ports and recent surgeries, to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while receiving massage therapy.

  • Gentle massage therapy can support your entire body as you journey through illness and treatment.
  • Comfort-oriented massage is integrated into traditional treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.
  • Oncology Massage can reduce nausea, pain and stress as well as improve your energy, sense of well-being and sleep.
  • Gentle massage can provide a calm presence for end-of-life clients and their families.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage assists those before and after surgery and to help those with lymphedema or those at risk for developing lymphedema.
  • Breast Cancer Rehab will assist those suffering with range-of-motion issues and pain following mastectomy and/or radiation.

You deserve comfort and a sense of well-being.  We are here to provide that for you in a space that is open and trusting; where you can find total relaxation and well-being; where you don’t have to be anything for anyone; where you can just be…

Give us a call today for a free consultation and to explore how massage therapy can assist you in leading a healthier, happier, more relaxed life.  214-773-2837


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