Specializing in Cancer Care Massage for People Living with Cancer and for those with Complex Medical Histories

Our hearts and souls are devoted to those with cancer, cancer histories, chronic illness and lymphedema.  We welcome you to our massage practice.

  • If you are walking through a cancer-journey and dealing with symptoms of treatment or disease, we would love to visit with you.
  • If you have chronic illness like fibromyalgia, arthritis, nerve damage, or Parkinsons, we should talk.
  • If you suffer from lymphedema or are at risk, we might be a good match.
  • If you are a desk-jockey and spend hours in front of a computer and your neck and back are telling on you, we should talk.

We understand the fear and anxiety that comes with a diagnosis of cancer or other chronic illness.  We use our years of advanced training and expert knowledge to get to know you personally and to know your needs personally.

We know how to reduce illness-related symptoms while being mindful of treatment side-effects, special circumstances such as ports and recent surgeries, to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while receiving massage.

  • Gentle massage can support your entire body as you journey through illness and treatment.
  • Comfort-oriented massage can easily be integrated into chemotherapy, radiation and surgery treatments.
  • Adjustments are made to the usual massage session while you are affected by the side effects of treatment.
  • Cancer Care Massage can reduce nausea, pain and stress as well as improve your energy, sense of well-being and sleep.
Treatment Room at PMT
Treatment Room at PMT

You deserve comfort and a sense of well-being.  We are here to provide that for you in a space that is open and trusting; where you can find total relaxation and well-being; where you don’t have to be anything for anyone; where you can just be…

Give us a call today for a free consultation and to explore how massage therapy can assist you in leading a healthier, happier, more relaxed life.  214-773-2837