Specializing in Massage for People Living with Cancer and for those with Complex Medical Histories

We understand the fear and anxiety that comes with a diagnosis of cancer or other chronic illness.  We use our expert knowledge and training to get to know you personally and to know your needs personally.

By using our specific training and years of experience, we know how to reduce illness-related symptoms while being mindful of treatment side-effects, special circumstances such as ports and recent surgeries, to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while receiving massage.

You deserve comfort and a sense of well-being.  We are here to provide that for you in a space that is open and trusting; where you can find total relaxation and well-being; where you don’t have to be anything for anyone; where you can just be…

  • Gentle massage can support your entire body as you journey through cancer and treatment.
  • Comfort-oriented massage can easily be integrated into chemotherapy, radiation and surgery treatments.
  • Adjustments are made to the usual massage session while you are affected by the side effects of cancer treatment.
  • Massage for cancer patients can reduce nausea, pain and stress as well as improve your energy, sense of well-being and sleep.
  • My training gives me the knowledge to make the necessary adjustments to provide a safe place for you to rest and heal.

Is this you??

You are dreading your next chemo treatment. You remember how you felt following your last treatment – nausea, fatigue, all-over body ache and stress about not being able to “do” life as you once did.

Your nurse told you about a therapist who specializes in Oncology Massage and you decide to give it a try.

  • You enter the massage waiting room and are greeted by a warm, welcoming smile and hand shake from the therapist.
  • You are invited to sit down and as you do, you notice a pleasant scent and soft music from a distance.
  • You discuss with the therapist that you are nervous about your next chemo treatment and heard that massage can provide a little rest and relaxation .
  • Your therapist discusses your current health info and the treatment plan. She then escorts you into the treatment room and provides clear instruction on what to do and expect.
  • You notice the softly lit room, the soft music and clean, crisp linens on the massage table.
  • You slip under the crisp sheets into the warmth.
  • The massage begins with a gentle hold of the feet followed by a foot massage.
  • Your body and mind are relaxing – you notice the stress leaving.
  • The therapist continues the massage. Gentle and effective, the pain is almost gone and the nausea – did I feel sick when I arrived?
  • Following the massage you feel rejuvenated – almost energized. You think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?’

Many clients choose to receive massage prior to chemo treatments. It often helps them handle the anticipatory stress and dread of what’s ahead.

Give massage a try…
you won’t be disappointed.
Schedule a massage today.

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